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Branch / Location of Complaint: Bob evans2059
Address: 16230 Dresden ave East Liverpool, Ohio 26034

Hi I recently ate at store 2059 me and my wife ate the steak and portabella mushroom dinner, shortly after eating the steak with A1 sauce I started having severe abdominal pains and cramps. My wife did not get sick so I realized I used A1 sauce and she didn’t.

So we were concerned that other people would also get sick so we called and ask for the manager and a young gentlemen on the phone said I am the assistant manager. As my wife told him what was happening to me he pretty much called her a liar and said your husband did not get sick from here he has a stomach virus, My wife said he was fine until he used the sauce and he started to experience mild abdominal pain and cramps he said he didn’t get sick here. She said please just make sure you pull your sauce from the shelves so no one gets sick he said no and he didn’t get sick here!!!!!

So my wife said well if you don’t want to do something I will call corporate and ask for his name he is the assistant manager he said and the sote is 16230 Dresdon Ave EAst Liverpool, Ohio 43920. Store number 2059. I am a retired Army First Class Sergeant and sad to know that telling the truth can cause other people to get so offended. The abdominal pain became very painful and I am sure it was a mild case of food poisoning.

The assistant name is Patrick he worked on the afternoon shift on Feb. 16 2013. Hope you can get this taken care of because its managers like this that cause a good restaurant to loose valuable customers. Thanks and have a good day.

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