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I am frankly astonished that in 2013 Blue Bell does not have an email address on their site for me to send this to. Honestly I haven’t had a sheet of writing paper in my house for years. Anyway, as a general rule my ice cream purchases come from Braum’s, but I had to run to Drug Warehouse in Tulsa last Friday. While there I saw a 1/2 gallon of their “Tin Roof” ice cream and purchased it. It was the most horrible ice cream I remember ever eating.

I have had Blue Bell many times in the past and I don’t remember it being like this. It was so horrible I tossed it.

I had to return today to Drug Warehouse but one 4 miles from the other. I saw the 1/2 gallon of “Tin Roof” was on sale, remembering I had it before and liked it I figured the one I had gotten last week was a fluke!

To my astonishment it was identical and just as hideous! If you remember the late 70s/80s the had a product in stores from various companies called ICE MILK! There was absolutely nothing “creamy” or “flavorful” about these items. You could literally feel and taste the little ice crystals all throughout the container. It almost had the flavor of “freezer-burn” but was sealed and from 2 different stores.

I didn’t really want to make the complaint THIS visible but… this no email in this day and age….. Just disappointed in the product and the fact that the 9.85 I threw away would have purchased 3 containers of Braum’s perfectly creamy ice cream. I will be returning to them. Just wanted to inform you of the quality so it might be checked on.

Thank You,
Chris Corley

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