Black “heads” To You Diamonds To Them - Black Diamond Skin Serum

Black diamond skin conditioner – scam artists.

Take your money from your bank account before you can cancel their product. Read the fine print as they will take $100 every month from your bank account.Give them your card number is like giving money away.

Trial period is 14 days; however product takes three weeks to arrive. So they get you for $99.99 before you even get the black diamond skin care tube of less than 30z. And that is their 30 day trial. Called them several twice. On to get “our computers are down”..

They were down for over a week, So you can not return this junk in less than 14 days. Plus you must get their ‘rma return number’ from them. The worst company we have deal with.

(800) 563-8704jg direct, llc 5335 ventura dr., delray beach, fl 33484

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