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I filled out a survey and was offered a camera for one dollar ($1.00) The page came up for me to enter “Best Time Win” to win the camera.

I left the site immediately but later found I was charged $119.00 to enter game to win the camera.

I want my money back all $119 dollars.

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21st feb £1 to win camera asked for survey dont do survey s logged out
25 feb £74 out of acct bank statement 20 th March to late

It seems that I am a victim too. I was on facebook a few weeks ago playing a g ame when I was asked to complete a 5 question survey and recieve a ipa.d for 9 dollars. The phone rang and I answered ,so I asked my husband to fill in the bank card numbers for me. He clicked out of the site immediately and neither of us even remembered the name of the sight w e just knew our sons ipad did not arrive for his birthday ,until $119.00 was missing from the credit card the first of march.… Read more »

at least your bank stood up for you I lost $120.00 and my bank clamed it was a legit purchase and I lost the dispute and my money and now I find out I have to play a game to get my camera great I don’t play games


i am did £1 camera than taking about bank dateil the company recived £74 no sent to my address i am so many sent to mail not forword any post no company contract dateil any cantract mail scam going on

I also got SUCKED IN what a deception. I agree with Mr.TMAN I will get them. Im sending my relatives in Norway to Denmark to KICK their A*S

I’m a victim as well. Filled out a survey and noticed the $119.00 charge to my account. I have emailed support several times and no response.

i was duped as well for £1 and then £74 being taken from my card – the companies that allow these criminals to advertise with them should be exposed also – i trusted the sign up for a digital camera for £1 because it was my ‘reward’ following my completion of a customer satisfaction survey (rather ironic) with of which i am a member. I would never have trusted such an offer otherwise. I have complained to lovefilm and been fobbed off and have gone back to complain again. I have emailed besttimewin also to request removal of all… Read more »
I was a victim as well, My credit union alerted me to the company. I was also interested in winning the camera.. however, after stupidly giving them my name, email, and card number, they took out a dollar.. They claim, that the agreement was "agreed" to.. This is for membership.. I didn’t see anything about membership.. and I left there site without giving my address, I thought this was the end of it.. however, they "had my credit card number" and didn’t hesitate to take out the membership of $119. My credit union is checking into it for me, and… Read more »
Wow! I fell victim as well and it happened to me, I cancelled on Feb 23rd. I received reply from Best Time Win Support saying that per my request, they cancelled my subscripition, but since I didn’t stay within 3 days, I didn’t qualify for the bonus gift which was a camera. On Feb. 28th, I noticed on my bank statement $119.00 was taken out. I just filed a dispute claim with my bank and hopefully this will get resolved and my money will be returned to my bank. Sucks to have people like this in the world. Sad thing… Read more »

Did the same thing to me. How do I go about getting my money back?

yea thes **** stupid **** suckers did the same **** to me and ill tell u they are a pethetic piece of fuckig **** company trying to scam a poor person and i think it bull **** and they will burn in **** Hell for it if it cost $119 then they should tell u thankfully my bank Took care of it for me cause iT over drafted my accounT and my bank filed a claim. F**K BEST TIME WIN AND ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THE SCAM THEY CAN GO F**K A DOG AND SUCK A F*****G HORSE DICK.


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