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My story is very similar to other complaints: big promises, bad results. You pay for every lead; most leads are useless. The worst lead I had to pay for was from a “client” who called me at 3pm and wanted the interior of his condo painted before 7pm that same day. Even though my profile specifically stated that I don’t do condos or apartments, I still had to pay for this BS lead.

Now they have changed their name to Home Advisor and are marketing to former Service Magic suckers. Very persistent and determined to sign up the rubes who will fall for this stuff.

I have done much better generating leads with Yelp, at a much better price.

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This is the biggest BS organization I have ever known. HOME ADVISOR, SERVICE MAGIC, both, are nothing more than scam artists……..and the best at it I might ad. Sad thing is, no one will do anything about it. Now, they are praying on minors emails and phone numbers to pass off their BS.

Good afternoon Robert –

I am sorry to hear your concerns about your experience with us. We’re always willing to discuss your frustrations with you further in detail to see if there is anything we can do to help. You may reach out to me directly at 303-963-8066 or at to talk.


Mandy Black


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