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I really have a complaint that is worth having people be aware of. SHAME on Amerigas for **** up someone’s life! I had a propane tank from Amerigas that was to fuel my generator on days when electricity went out. At some point their tank’s gauge broke and I reported it. They did NOTHING to fix it. Then not long after the gauge broke the tank started leaking and I reported it. Instead, they REFILLED tank instead of taking it away and issuing a new one. They just capped the leak! Story goes on and one with this one!

NOW, after all the phone calls to Chris at Amerigas etc…. I dropped them as a provider. They only had excuses as to WHY they did not replace tank, WHY tank was filled instead of fixed, WHY they did not fill tank when promised during Hurricane Sandy.

After COUNTLESS phone calls and a letter, AMerigas STILL has not picked up their tank and its been TWO MONTHS! It is on my grass sinking into the dirt and very slightly starting to lean over due to the ground becoming softer. SHAME ON Amerigas! What can we do to get their attention and hope people hear about this and change providers?

Amerigas does not deserve to be in business if this is how they treat people!!!!

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