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So I paid 126.00 to Amerigas in Lyndonville, Vermont tofill my propane tanks for the holidays. They had filled them before but a different driver was sent to my home. This time they sent out a man who claimed to be “relatively new”. Looking forward to making a Thanksgiving turkey for myself and my 13 year old daughter, pies and all the fixings. I was so excited to be able to bake after so long. Just to come home and see that my tanks were disconnected, the lid was left open in the rain and I am locked out of my own tanks.

I call Amerigas and spoke to Norm, the manager in Lyndonville, Vermont, who displayed an attitude of annoyance and verbally abuses me, shouting at me and cutting me off in conversation. He tries to bully me into submission by telling me that I must pay for my tanks to be reconnected but then says they will come out and fix it.

I wait a week and no one shows up. I call again and argue the point with this abusive bully, Norm, in Lyndonville, Vermont, who is shouting at me over the phone, that the tanks are mine, I own them, they past leak test according to the driver and should not be left unconnected and exposed to the elements. The driver wasn’t able to lite the pilot light on the stove, he goes outside and checks the connections returning to make another attempt to lite the pilot. No gas was going to the stove. The driver never turned the burner on to ignite the pilot even after I told him that is how to lite the pilot. He didn’t wait long enough for the gas to reach the stove and he needed to turn on the burner for the gas to reach the pilot.

The delivery guy lies and tells Norm that the tanks did not pass leak test so that is why he locked them. Whats upsetting though is, if they didn’t pass then why did he tell me that they passed and come into my house to light the pilot? That could have caused a serious accident. Instead I think that he had no idea how to lit the pilots and lied to cover his own back. Someone is telling fibs to cover their own interest.

So Norm, the manager in Lyndonville Vermont, then tells me that for more than $100.00 he will have someone come out and reconnect them for me and I would have to pay for another leak check. Why do I have to pay for the tanks to be reconnected when they passed the leak test and were not disconnected in the first place? Another fine example of price gouging. And of course I am a woman so taken advantage of too.

So, no Thanksgiving dinner for us this year. I have gas to cook with that is paid for but its locked up tight and I can’t use it. No one will come out to help us because I own my own tanks. I called the fire chief to come out and look at the tanks and he said that he didn’t understand why the tanks were disconnected and locked. All I want to do is cook. I feel that when the driver came in to lite the pilots he didn’t wait long enough for the propane to make its way to the stove. He also never turned on the burner for the gas to come through. He spent less than 5 minutes inside. But then took it upon himself to disconnect my tanks and lock me out of them. The customer service provided to me is unsatisfactory

Amerigas – 260 Hill St Lyndonville, Vermont 05851

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