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Disabled Person Injustice – Fully Paid But Locked Out From My Gas, Can’t Cook Or Take A Shower.

I’m a disabled person and live on a small SSA check. I usually qualify for help in paying my gas bill through an outreach program located in my community. They have since august 18, 2010 given my gas company Amerigas account # 200988714 two checks.

The first on 8/18/2010 was for $394.80 the second on 8/22/2012 for $1247.50 for a total of $1642.30.  I have ordered and received two deliveries of gas since the onset of my account.

The first on 8/18/2010 for $755.70 & the second on 8/22/2012 for $435.39 for a total of $1191.09. In addition i’ve been charged tank rental of $59.22 in 2010 & 2011 and $62.15 for 2012 for additional charges off the credit i had with outreach funding $180.59. I should still have a $270.62 credit with my outreach funding, however the Alamosa Amerigas Company has recently changed their computer and have no records of my account and have locked my gas tank.

Have for two months now been sending me a bill for my supposed tank rental from 2012 for the amount of $65 and even though i didn’t owe it i paid it. Now they are still refusing to go to my home and unlock my gas tank and i should still have a credit for $270.62 plus they are waiting for additional funding for an additional 400 gallons of gas that la puente in Alamosa, Colorado ordered for me.

I would like to state that the employee Melissa was extremely rude just a few minutes ago. She stated that if i was an accountant and i am. That i could just get the phone number from the statement and call if i wanted to make a complaint. She is very insulting and rude and i believe that my credit was somehow embezzled by the employees at the Alamosa Amerigas company. 625 west ave, alamosa colo. 81101 phone number (719) 589-2545


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