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Address: 4510 North Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina 27604
Phone: 919-876-8126

I had purchased a box of wine from Food Lion in Ashland, Virginia. I had picked up a wrong flavor so, I gone back to the store. I wanted to change it, get the same kind but different flavor. Unfortunately, the store didn’t have the flavor I wanted, so the customer service informed me that I can change the box wine in Raleigh, NC – Food Lion since I resides there, but as per corporate policy is concern, I cannot return and/or receive a refund, I said I’m not returning the item. The Food Lion in Raleigh, NC refused to let me change the box of wine with my receipt due to their own policy. I was disappointed. I knew the clerk was knew but the manager was next to her; without any comments. She just looked at me. I have always enjoyed supporting Food Lion for a year now, but I’m kind of pulling back. I go there if it’s really necessary. It would have been a good food market, if it would have had a good service over all.

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