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This company sent me 2 emails stating if i don’t send them a lump sum of $946.72, and they don’t hear from me in the next 48 hrs, they will be compelled to seek legal representation from there in house attorney for fraud under the pretense of refusing to pay a debt committed to by use of the internet.

In addition we reserve the right to seek recovery for the balances as well as legal fees and court cost and once found guilty by the court i would have to pay $4896.47 which is excluding loan amount, attorney fees, and interest.  You (I) have the right to hire an attorney and if I cant afford one one will be appointed to me.

if i want to resolve this matter: call or email 347-871-4990 ACS Legal Group.

Now the funny thing is i never applied for a pay day loan let alone have i ever had any loans in my life. now this is the kicker: i emailed them back today which is 11/13/2013 told them i am a niece of a FBI agent and if they didn’t stop harassing me they would be prosecuted to the full extent. I even went as far as putting my uncle on the line.

Please ppl do not believe this is a scam and they will rip u off don’t send them anything they eve threatened my job and even my credit score that’s where they had it all wrong i am not the one pleases don’t fall for it!

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