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They are a huge scam and in spite of asking for help – all i got was rudeness and to be told “look at the terms”. They hide behind terms that are incorrect and furthermore, they force you to taking a bonus that then ties you into incorrect terms without giving you the option before you invest. There is no warning. I have also had a problem where the site functions do not work and even after asking them to resolve, they referred me to their terms and conditions and then closed my account stealing my money.

This site is a scam – they provide a binary trading site which give fake readings and incorrect terms. They do not provide support and when you have problems, they close down your site and steal your investment and winnings.

Even when you win – they do not show you your winnings and have set their expiry time so that after the winning time is over, you still lose because their system is design to delay payout until you lose your investment.

If you do win, they do not pay out and reject any withdraw requests.

I have now started legal action against zoom trader and against jack.

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This site has been reported as well as the three "reputation" scammer sites that help them quash any bad press. Zoomtrader.com registrar is Godaddy.com. Bob ought to park the name until further notice. Before the SEC and the newly formed United States Government Agency puts them behind bars along with Jason and his buddies. Having said that, here’s how this works. 1. Zoomtrader; http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/CLOUD14 ; is indeed a scam. lose/lose propositions are Illegal in the Continental United States. It is a FEDERAL law, not a state law. 2. Zoomtrader uses a "gateway" design to lag your bids BEHIND realtime so… Read more »

Jack came to my home and ate my dog on the front lawn.
Not all of it just a leg.
Well not really.
Don’t you people investigate where you put your money before throwing it away?
On the home page for Zoom trader, there is a little notice that says "don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose"
Understanding that principal means that the site is like gambling.
Sometimes you lose and sometimes you lose.
Occasionally they will throw you a tidbit to give you incentive to lose some more…
But guaranteed, you will lose.

i cannot believe that PRWEB are marketing this scam website – shame on PRWEB for doing this even after they received my complaint.

Jack Moore and Zoom Trader stole my money. jack stole £9500 plus my trade wins of over £15000 by lying to me and failing to provide support when asked. He then continued to threaten me with physical violence telling me that if I did not stop complaining he would send some guys to my home as he had my address on my account. I called the police and informed them what had happened and they warned Jack Moore and the head office of zoom trader in Cyprus which is zoom partners ltd. i have not got my money back and… Read more »

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