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Over the past number of months, the security officers, have been using their job to bully the homeless people who have been having the Austin Police Department; Called on them because of the security officers harassing the Homeless people who stay at the ARCH. They have been chasing, cussing out , and threatening us homeless people at the ARCH.

The Director of the arch has been over at The Salvation Army many times trying to tell security personal to stop calling the Austin Police Department on the homeless people. Captain Branch, Tackle and the new officers have not stopped their hurtful and demeaning harassing comments. Captain Branch has told me myself that if I send a complaint to State Wide security company. I promise I will get a lawyer and personally sue this company and its security officers. This is the last time I will be sending You and The Salvation Army this notice.

On one night security officers Captain Branch and other officers have been outside harassing the homeless, when a man died of a drug over dose; because security officers have not been doing the job at watching what goes on at night in The Salvation Army. Captain Branch has been seen on a number of times smoking crack out side behind a dumpster. If this harassing the homeless does not stop, I will contact all the news papers, and news stations about what is going on there.

The Salvation Army
501 E. 8 Street
Austin, TX 78701

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Unfortunately the Salvation Army and it’s Captains are far from perfect. The new Captain(Earnhardt) of the Salvation Army in Minneapolis is abusing his powers to the point that the great and caring people who have worked there for years helping people are quitting. Counselors are no longer recommending the Salvation Army rehabilitation program because they don’t have the heart to subject people to this cruel man. The Minneapolis Rehab facility can house up to 120 men at one time. In less than a month almost 70 men have left leaving only around 40(they weren’t at full capacity when he and… Read more »
This is awful! I would never have thought that an organization that my husband and I have donated to for yrs would treat people down on their luck in such a disgraceful way and I don’t care what their misfortune is, be it a drug habit, loss of a job or whatever has cause them to be homeless should be treated with such disrespect.I add that in a country as great as America we shouldn’t have any homeless people.Take some of those millions from some of those corporate CEO’s, not their pay, but the millions in bonuses they get for… Read more »

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