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They claim that I was a winner of a $1000.00 gift card with PIN # 5555 to enter within 24 hours of notice e. I called the number but the message says person is not able to answer your call at this time and voice mailbox has not been set up. I am a Verizon carrier. Would like to catch and sew person or persons responsible for this invasion! How did they get my phone number! I looked on line and saw an amazing amount of stuff complaints! Something must be done! I am also going too contact Best Buy! If they value their customers they should help protect them! I am sure info was gathered by Best Buy Reward Zone card holders! Doesn’t look real good for the company!


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don’t believe those texts, it’s a skam

I also got a text that I win the bestbuy $1000 gift card winner99227

I also got a text that I win the bestbuy $1000 gift card winner99227

I also recieved this message from the # 1-320-305-6829 and I would like to know how they got my #

I just recieved a text saying i won a 1000 gift card for best buy ..enter code 757 winner # 60035..THEY NEED TO STOP SENDING THIS MESS OUT (,SCAM )

I am neither on craigs list or in best buy and got a text for 1-571-249-3487 at 12:02 pm 1/06/13.

I just received a text from (407)603-1068 Winner #…????????????????????????????????????????????

Ok this is most likely some kind of frame jacking link which when you follow the link it mirrors your phone to someone else ( giving them access to your photos, texts, personal info, and yea you get the point) so be advised if you clicked this link you may be sharing your phones info with a hacker.

Also received this on New years Day in the early am. Don’t like that my cell phone number has been given out as I am very protective of who gets it.

Just got the text. Knew it was a scam. Best Buy needs to address this!

I just received a text from 615 241 0223 Winner # 85228 Has to be a scam best buy needs to fix this and compensate us

I also got a text this morning at 10:03 stating that I won the bestbuy $1000 gift card winner #3699!!!!

just now got a text from 9853069743 and it was a scam as well

You people are idiots and are why this country is going in the crapper. Always want some one to pay you for something they didn’t do. These text aren’t from bestbuy. I got one as well and knew right away where it came from and it wasn’t best buy. I have been trying to sell something on craigslist and its from one of the scsmmers on there.

Haha I just my 1000 dollar gift card at my house I guess some of the codes are not a spam

…and I’m sure if someone obtaining a court order for records pertaining to your activities there would be no record at all of you sending any of these messages out, right? Might want to be a bit more careful about where you post. You never know who will read them and take notice. Maybe next time you will read about how most sites now log the IP addresses of visitors/commenters either for marketing purposes or legal liabilities. Penalties for scams like this one include (but are most definitely not limited to) repayment of all damages, huge federally imposed fines, court-orders… Read more »

I RECEIVED MESSAGE FROM ‘www.’ and after filling out it sent me to some kind of dating service!

got the same text, new was too good to be true

I to recieved this in a text form at 1203 A.M. I do value my sleep and would very much like for best buy to get involved to correct this scam.

Same here714-616-6154; same code as everyone else too…at least I have texting as part of my plan.


Why would anyone think that best buy should be compensating people that go for a scam like this?? It isn’t Best Buy’s fault. I would bet my last dollar the person looking for money from Best Buy is a LIBERAL, one of the obama crowd looking for something for nothing. GET A LIFE!!!

How can they get away with this stuff so long??? I mean really….come on!!!

this is ALL B.S! Dont fall for it

I received a message from that I had won 1000 gift card. I did not enter any contest of bestbuy or anyone else. I see from this site that I am not the only ons leary of this. Not going to all for it.


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