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Please do research if you are thinking about using yella wood. It is the most horrible lumber you can use…all advertisements are false and they do not stand behind their product. This wood bucks and twist and folds yes I said folds the sides pull up like they are trying to fold and this is lumber less than year and half old. Look for other lumber besides yella wood please dont make the 3000.00 mistake we did. We called a rep down and he looked and went back and approved us 16 boards that did not cover 1/6 of the boards that were bucked up..the new boards have already started bucking and splitting(less than two weeks old) and they were stained as soon as possible like the rep said so it is just sorry wood .now I am going to have to try to recover in small claims court and I should not have to have this headache they should do what they say they will do …..have you noticed the cowboys are gone on the advertisements,,,,,wonder why?

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