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In 2010, i was contacted by winners international, by preston james adam. He informed me that i had won 4.5 million in a contest i had entered. As anyone in their right-mind would be, i was pleased to receive this information. I had previously been injured and could not longer work based on my condition, and follow-up with the doctors.

I was told to pay a number of processing fees with afterwards came to around 20,000usd. After nothing was going as preston james stated, i began to call and cancel those checks. Now, it’s been two years, and still no 4.5 accounted for. “winners international” i think not more like, “losers international” . This really created a problem with my bank. The thought of how can i write checks for those amounts, knowing that i don’t get that in at any given time.

I ended up paying bank fees to stop those checks and for the ones that got there and i had to pay not being able to cover them.

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