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This morning, as in most days after welfare is administered, I make a trip to WalMart, big mistake, but necessary sometimes. This morning I observed a patron get so **** at waiting for a line of women with WIC issues, he finally dropped his few items on the floor and began cussing the fact that the WIC and welfare recipients were clogging the lines with problems and grocery carts full of groceries that we pay for and the people are treated as if it was their food and their money paying for it.

My **** is this:

WalMart as with any store, needs to have a separate line for just the non paying bunch to run OUR groceries through. I am so tired of catering to these non working worthless people that think Americans owe them existence. I live for the time when they will be treated accordingly and not given favoritism. This crap is getting out of hand and the treatment that working people have to put up with to accommodate them. I applaud the gentleman that dropped his **** on the floor and took off, what disgusting treatment, and in this burg there is no option, WalMart or nothing.

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Watch the words that come out of your mouth. Who are you to judge anyone are you the lord himself , yes I know u have the freedom of speech, but not everyone was as blessed as you to be born with a silver spoon in the mouth. One more thing people in glass houses should not throw stones. You may be up today but no one knows about the out come of ther tomorrow.

You people don’t know. People on SSI can’t work. Yeah I know you think everyone is faking and they just want to live in poverty rather then work. But you don’t know that. How can you know that standing in line behind someone? The way they look? Maybe they look OK because the government takes care of them. Otherwise maybe they would look horrible from lack of food,shelter, and medical care. Would you be happy then? If so, you should do a double take in the mirror when judging who the scumbags are.

Why should it take any longer to check out a FS customer than a regular customer? they run a card through just like a debit or credit card , the register separates eligible items from non eligible items and they pay cash or credit or debit for the rest .

We hear you. I used to work as an cashier at Walmart and weve seen it all. These food stamp recipients have no shame or morals. They think its the best thing to receive welfare. If I collected welfare my family would disown me. We would get these people using foodstamps and be wearing all these 14k gold bracelets, etc. And have all these kids. Nothing wrong in having kids but theres a limit. Or Id be in line checking out and the person in front of me is using foodstamps, and they look perfectly healthy to get a job.… Read more »

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