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Over a year ago, I signed a contract with Vantage Press. They are located on Park Ave in New York City. I paid them 10,000 dollars to publish my book. The book came out in May of 2012.

Tod ate, they have not lived up to the provisions of the contract, did not do much to publicize the book and now they cannot be reached. Their phones and websites are down. I have not been paid a single dollar in royalties.

The book is still being sold at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I want to know what is going on and what are my options.

For Vantage Press Representatives or Owners

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This is a big mess…I am a Wiscinsin author, one of the first to realize that they were pulling out on the 1000+ authors….I am investigating Lamb’s activity from online info daily…calling nonstop for the proper attorney…too much to say here…looks like fraud…I called the NY FBI today and am filing a complaint with the NY Attorney General….I’ve been all over the board with this…lots of dead ends and brick walls.


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