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I went to wendy’s to eat and the service was slow and lousy. there was very few people there yet when the cashier did come she was not nice. I was asking questing and she still got the order wrong. Yet I paid for my food over 20.00 and sat down.

Well me and my two nieces were about to eat when a cricket fell from the ceiling and landing on her burger. Well she is only nine years old so she jumps up and start running around the restaurant screaming non of which the manager who is Hispanic came out to see what was going on. They could have been getting rob, but no response.

I went to the counter after 20min of calming my niece and told the cashier what happen and asked to see the manager. She came out with no remource of any such thing and said I wonder what was going on and but I will replace her meal. So we waited another fifteen min. nothing so the cashier brought out another drink and fries and when the burger came up she yelled across the restaurant and said your burger is ready . Maybe I should be calling a lawyer instead .

Seminary drive.
fort worth, texas 76109

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