Wells Fargo wants to screw a disabled Vet - Wells Fargo

In 2009 I lost my job, along with my health insurance. My husbands medicine was a little more that our monthly mortgage payment. I was not going to let him be in constant pain while I resolved the job issue. I got my job back and my benefits. Damage was done. I was set up on a forbearance plan and made the 3 payments with no problem, but Wells Fargo sent the third back and said it was not the agreed amount. It was. I gathhered everything and we filed bankruptcy. Our lawyers filed everything and got the foreclosure stopped. ( Aug 2010) In October I realized that we were going to have problems with the Trustee/ mortgage payments. When the expense report was filled out, yearly expenses and repairs (house and vehicles) were not taken into consideration. When I told our lawyer this, she said that it was not a problem, as it was still early enough to fix. She filed a motion with Trustee. It was denied saying that we had plenty of disposible income. We didn’t. It was refiled and denied in Nov / Dec 2010 and Jan-April 2011. Trustee finally allowed it. By then I had missed a payment to Wells Fargo. It was at this time that the lawyer informed me that I had been overpaying trustee since Jan.They filed with court to have stay lifited so that they could proceed with foreclosure. I tried to call and talk to someone, but they wouldn’t talk to me without written permission from my lawyer. I called to get that letter in March 2011 and I finally received it in June 2011. It was to late. When I told our lawyer that they had filed with the court to have stay lifted, she said” Its okay, they just did that so they could talk to you” I believed her. During this time I sent a payment of $1400.00. They cashed the check. I sent another and they sent it back. I called and was told that I now had a credit of $900 on my account. They rest had been used for expenses. In Sept 2011 they posted a foreclosure notice on our door. It had a phone number on it to call for help. Refi/ loan modification, whatever we might qualiy for. I call the number on the letter for 3 days, finally I got an answering machine and I left a message. A man called back the next day and said he didnt know what I was talking about, but gave me a phone number to a counseling service. I spoke to a woman there she called FHA and we made a little progress. Someone contacted me and we tried to set forth a temporary forbearance plan. I was told no because the investors had done a drive by appraisal on the property and it was in poor condition. It isnt. I saw someone taking pictures a few days later and we finally got some positive feed back. It took until March of 2012 to set it up. It was to start in May of 2012. I made every payment on time. On July 16 I received a call from Wells Fargo. They called to tell me about a final plan. I was told that it would take 3-6 weeks to finalize the paperwork, but it looked like it was a go. I was told to keep making the payments as per the agreement. I received another call on the 18th and was told that the investors had decided not to okay the plan as were in bankruptcy. We were in bankruptcy when the plan was okayed??? Now we are not eligble. This is such a load of crap. We have been in our home for 15 years and have jumped through every hoop, only to be told that they are taking our house. I dont know what else I can do. They have to be stopped. We shouldn’t lose our home.

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