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After arriving at the Waffle House store #1939 in Birmingham, AL, it was very busy which was to be expected after. There were a lot of people there that attended the Susan G. Coman breast cancer walk. There was a table available for us but wasn’t cleaned yet. So we waited until the waiter bust the table but it still hadn’t been wiped down. The manager on duty tells us that we can sit they will wipe it off in a minute. We immediately told him no we will wait until its completely cleaned before we sit. After it was cleaned we sat and ordered our food. The manager “Terry” constantly puts his hands in and out of his pockets, plays with his cell phone all while making waffles with no gloves. His fingernails were tremendously dirty and he touches the inside of the to-go plates directing orders. We got our food and when my friend tasted her hashbrowns she said they were not done. The waiter came and got her plate, told the manager of the complaint and he “Terry” told the cook to put those hashbrowns back on the grill and cook them harder (the ones that were eaten out of). Later while we sat there eating Terry continued to make waffles with no gloves, playing on cell phone and putting hands in and out of his pockets. He made a waffle and put it on the plate, ended up knocking the waffle off on the floor, the plate broke and the waffle was on top of the broken plate. He hurried and pick the waffle up and put it onto another plate while commenting “This the waffle house now” and sent it out to the customer to eat, like as if they drop people food all the time. He didn’t know if broken glass was on that waffle or not. After that I left. Something needs to be done about this nasty rude and unsanitary environment.

Waffle House
1801 4th Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35233

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