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Apparently, Verizon Wireless Corporation has choosen NOT to heed too my concern/complaints with regard to marketing their WIRELESS products in un-servicable areas. BEWARE of doing business with VERIZON if you are in a ‘somewhat’ remote area. I attempted too work out my issues with them , and they (basically) told me to ****-off! I have therefore attempted too return their product, of which they would not accept, and…I refuse to submit fee’s for closing ‘my’ account! Hence, I have been served with collection notices and I have filed a complaint w/ the FTC. I strongly suggest/recommend too “never” give your SS# on any contract (as I ‘reluctantly’ did) too anybody! I feel that VERIZON CORPORATION is “playing-dirty” because…I conceded that information too them when seeking their product.

5175 Emerald Way
Dublin, CA 43017

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