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On july 11 2012, i bought a brand new droid charge, (still in the box) which came with a ‘2 year contract’ , from an ‘authorized dealer’ in englewood florida, on mcall road at merchants crossing. I was given 14 days to return it if i wasn’t happy. The first few days, it was beeping in my ear and would disconnect my calls. On the 11th day, i called verizon and told them of my situation with my phone. The customer service rep told me he ‘had the same exact problem with the android charge and it was the sensor where your ear would be. He advised me to return the phone to the ‘authorized dealer’ and get your money back and to go to ‘a real verizon store’ as they have had many complaints about the store i purchased my phone from.

I brought the phone back on the 14th day, totally within their return policy. I told them of the csr with verizon who told me of the issues he had and i was there to return it. They started to get the paperwork out to return it, and the manager, jaime, came over and asked if i was going to purchase a new phone. When i replied, “no” he took the phone out of my hand, looked at it, and claimed it was “scratched” and that’s probably what is wrong with it. (it was a teeny tiny scratch on the bottom left of my phone. The sensor is at the top right) he said he could not refund my money. I told them to get a manager higher than him on the phone. So they did. The verizon sales rep gets a manager on the phone, (he obviously is asked to ‘rate’ the phone) and the sales rep holds my phone in the air, and says, “oh, i would rate it a 4 or 4 and a half.” i grabbed the phone and stormed out and went to a ‘real’ verizon store in venice.

When i approached a sales rep on the floor, i said, “if today is the 14th day of the return policy and i brought this phone to you, would you return it? And what would you ‘rate’ this phone? He replied he would absolutely take it back, and he rated it a 9 – 9 1/2. I then proceeded to tell him of my situation. He was appalled and got the regional manager on the phone and explained my situation to him. He gets off the phone and tells me there is nothing they can do, because the authorized dealer ‘purchases their phones from the manufacturer and they can ‘not be overwritten’. I was very confused because i am now under a new ‘2 year contract’ with verizon, and if i am not happy with the phone, they should replace it free of charge. The authorized dealer would not return my money, they were verrrrrryyy rude to me, and i was in no way going to purchase another phone from them.

Then, lo and behold, i was downloading an application, and it asked me to verify if “this is still your current information” and there was someone eles’s name!!!!! In the phone. So, not only did i purchase a defective phone, it was “used!!!!!!!!!!”. I contacted corporate verizon, and left a message for someone to call me back on “my cell”. A jasmine tell called, but she called my 80 year old mother, who is the account holder. ( we are on a family plan) . Not once, but twice she called her. I called jasmine tell again, left her another message, saying not to contact my mother, she has alzeimers, and there is no need to bother her. “call me, on the number i left you to call. And i am leaving it again. Please do not call my mother again.” i also told her i was in contact with a corporate attorney who is investigating my situation. And to this day, she has not spoken to me. Today is october 23. Two and a half months later.

So, i believe, verizon wireless and the authorized dealers are in cahoots with each other. The authorized dealer gets you to sign a 2 year contract, sells you a bogus phone wrapped in brand new packaging, and voila, verizon has a new 2 year contract. They don’t care if you are unhappy with your product or not.

I contact verizon on the 24th of july, and spoke with a shikira, who was so pleasantly helpful in calming me down. I was irate. Furious.
She said, “oh, i can help you. I will send you another phone, free of charge. Go online and look up these 4 phones to choose from and i will call you back after five o’clock today and see which one you chose.” i was delighted. Finally, someone was on my side.

I never heard from her again. She had given me her number and extension, i called several times, over several days, and still, no response.

Now i am even more **** off.


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