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Last December I changed Cell Phone Services because I was told that Verizon had a better data package and I could use my cell phone with my tablet where wi-fi was not available. I don’t know if I can use my tablet or not because my cell service is so bad and when I get to an area where I need to use my phone’s service for a hot spot for my tablet, I don’t have any cell service. I have been told over and over since I got the service to please give it another month or two….until other towers are activated..that was over seven months ago and it’s got worse if anything, not better.

Now that I’ve probably lost business because of the dropped calls and very limited service, I’m told it’s still going to cost me over $400.00 to cancel service early. I feel this is wrong as Verizon is in breach of their contract to me to provide service but I need other people in the Lufkin area to verify this poor service before I can go to small claims court to get these crazy charges waived. I’m sure Im not the only one with this problem.

The other problem is that my husband threw the boxes away after we got the phones. When I realized it, it was too late and now Verizon wants to charge me almost another $300 per phone because I don’t have the original boxes. This is crazy. I would just keep the phones if I could get decent service but I think almost 8 months is enough time for them to do whatever they need to do to provide decent service. I want to go back to Cellular One who I have for many years with no service problems but they don’t have the data package I need, which is the only reason I changed in the first place but if I can’t get the data package, at least I could have a good phone service.

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Verizon is attempting to Stiff my 91 year old father of charges like these. He went back to Direct TV months ago and they want him to pay for June, July, August, September for a service he did not even receive. I applied for Verizon service for my father in March thinking they were a reputable company, only to find out they abuse the elderly like so many thugs with extortion practices. What a bunch of guys. Filth of the earth.


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