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We are so frustrated with Verizon Wireless that it is causing myself and husband high blood pressure. For my Mothers Day this year my husband went to the Verizon store in Temecula and updated my cell phone. He was told we could save money by changing the plan we already have to a new plan in my name, without anything change to our service, and that the old account we had would be cancelled. We returned the old equipment via mailing boxes provided by verizon and paid $403.00 to cover any fees left on old account.

In June we started receiving bills from Verizon which I paid on line, $279.00(not realizing we were being billed on the old account which was supposed to be canceled) and the next day received a bill for $313.00 which I paid on line for the new Bill. We have been to the Verizon store where he purchased the new phones and Verizon Package several times, each time they said it was taken care of and we would not be getting doubled billed. That ended up being a joke, we just kept getting doubled billed so we contacted the 800 phone number for the customer service representative to help fix the problem, at least a dozen times we called and even spoke to a (Supervisor) which still has not corrected the problem after being assured it was fixed. we have paid a total of $1512.99 so far and today Sept, 16 we receive still another 2 bills from Verizon saying they want an additional $1023.64.

I can not believe the number company in wireless services can’t fix a simple problem. We are so frustrated we don’t know where to turn, can some please help us!

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