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On 7/16/12 i had occasion to view an ad pertaining to bed bugs and as i understood it, to obtain a device to prevent bed bugs for $3.95. I did place an order using my debit card. On 8/17/12 i viewed my bank statement wherein i find a withdraw from my account for $41.87 upon seeing the amount i had no idea as to whom or what it was for because i had not authorize such an amount . I called the number on the statement and inquired about the withdraw and at that time did i learn where it came from and as mention i did order for the $3.95 but no where was it mention about taking $41.87.

I called the company and they tried to offer me a deal on another product and i refuse, i just ask if they would kindly refund my $41.87.No results. I call back and again ,now they wanted to offer refunding me $20 again i refuse. And ask that $41.87 be returned. Their action also costed me an overdraft of $35

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I bit on the $3.95 offer in Augst. I beleive I never received an e-mail (THEY HAVE SINCE REFENCED) that supposedly states this was free 60 day trial.I have idsputed the charge to my credit card which was supposed to block all charges for a year–Soon after another charge showed on card–I was told that it went thru because they USED A DIIFERENT MERCHANT NUMBER!! I have disputed that charge and have called Bed defense an dtold them I am not paying this, etc. I am embarrassed that at 83 I bit on this. There is some comforrt in knowing… Read more »
I too fell for this trick! I had a trip planned across country and was worried about bed bugs in hotels, so I saw the ad for bed bug traps for only $3.95 and signed on to receive my sample. Nowhere did I read in the ad that by requesting the "free" sample, I would be enrolled in a monthly program. Of course, when I started receiving monthly shipments and credit card charges of $41.87, I immediately called and was advised that the company via email had notified me of my agreement with them. There was NEVER any email from… Read more »
I to have been a victim of Deg Defense, I went through the same problem, they charged my CC $41.97, When I called and complained they said they would only refund 27.67 because of restocking fee, while I was on the Phone with them they gave me the refund, and proceeded to charge my CC another $41.97 at the same time, I have cancelled my CC and have to my CCompany the they were unauthorized charges and needed a charge back, While I was on the Phone with these scam artist I got a RMA # to send their product… Read more »
A follow up is after I was on line for a long time and requested the full refund they said they would give me a partial refund. Then they said they would charge me $15 to return the product. I told them I was on this website and had already posted this complaint and that I intended to talk with the MN Attorney General’s Office, the Better Buiness Bureau and post on Facebook. They put me on hold and said they were going to talk with their manager and they came back and offered me a full refund. When I… Read more »
Like the others I ordered Bed Bug Defense for $3.95 and realized they had billed my account $41.87. I had tried to call to cancel earlier but reached them after office hours and couldn’t leave a message. When I saw my bank statement I called and told them I would like my funds refunded. They refused and I asked to speak to a manager. They put me on hold and would come back on line every minute for a half hour to say "my manager is still on a call and I"m going to put you on hold for another… Read more »

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