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Cincinnati, Ohio

I called TWC to start services after being with Direct Tv for the past 5 years. They said I had an old account that was included in bankruptcy, so I would have to pay a deposit. I did, the csr asked me about the equipment I had and I told him the office I had gone to to turn it in. He said they were having trouble finding it but that he would put a tracer on it, no problem.

So I paid the deposit, then had to pay the installation fee and the bundle price plus a month in advance. So I paid $150 upfront then had to pay $239 at the time of installation. I did. My cable, internet, and phone were on and everything was fine.

Then my son calls me 2 weeks later and tells me that the internet isn’t working and neither is my cable. Same day I get a phone call from their Risk mgmnt dept asking me to call. I did. The person Mike says I never turned in the equipment. I stated of course I did, told him that I had spoken with the Manager there and what store I took it to. He said well unless you produce a receipt, you didn’t turn it in, do you have a receipt? I said, I don’t have it any longer it was 5 years ago. So he proceeded to tell me that if I didn’t have it or the equipment my services would remain off and that he would have to refund the monies I have paid since I didn’t have any service. So I said this is ridiculous… and that I would call direct tv.

I have tried calling him 3 times to see where my refund is, and he will not return my calls. I emailed customer service, and did a live chat and after explaining everything they came to the conclusion that my checks were in the risk dept and that I needed to contact Mike and gave me his number and extension. I said really? I have been trying to get resolve with him for over a week. They just said I can’t help you. So not only am I out almost $400 I had to come up with money to turn everything on with another company.

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