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I have a 46 inch Samsung LED Flat Screen television that I purchased from SEARS two years ago. It started acting up and eventually would no longer turn on. I have the tv under our appliance warranty with all our other SEARS products (washer, dryer, refrigerator…). So I called Sears to have them come out and repair the tv. They said it would be two weeks before someone would come out. On the day of our appointment, the repair man disassembled the entire tv. Ordered the part to fix the tv. Said it would be another two weeks by the time the part came in and he could come out again. Two weeks later he comes out. He opens the box with the part in it. Oops, wrong part. So now it will be another two weeks to order the part again and he can come out. Another two weeks later he comes out with the correct part, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the problem with the tv. So now he ordered another part that he thinks for sure will solve the problem. Here we are at 6 weeks. He comes out and the part doesn’t solve the tv’s problem. Now he’s gonna order a hold new front panel with the picture tube. Yes, it will be another two weeks. Now it’s 8 weeks. Two new repair men come out with the front panel. Guess what? It doesn’t solve the problem. They say it’s the power board. At this time, SEARS has ordered almost $2,000 worth of parts. The television only cost $1,100. You’d figure they just bring us a new tv. After speaking to managers of the store, customer service and district manager no one can help us. They said they don’t replace items until the problem has happened on 3 separate occasions. Never have we experience such customer service, and repair men that know nothing about televisions. Why didn’t they send a Samsung repair man? Now we are scheduled on July 31st to get the power board. Have my fingers crossed but not expecting too much. This makes me question the purpose of buying Sears service protection plan on their products. Please be wary of the customer service from Sears.

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I guess you’ve heard all this before but “sorry for the inconvenience” that you are experiencing right now. Gone are the days of the local TV repairmen that not only do house calls but know what part of your TV is broken.

Looks like you just had a dumb-assed Sears tech that had no diagnostic skills whatsoever. There’s a reason for that: Sears is a bunch of dumb-**** anyway. Glad I don’t work there anymore.


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