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Last month I was two months behind and i left a message for Layorta that i would be in to make one of the payment but in the gulfport office. The next day she call about three times and ask if this were Jeanita Rainey and i said yes she said over the phone that i needed to bring to the Jackson office the amount of 245.00. i hung up on her because she is breaking the arbitration law which you are not suppose to give confidential information over the phone because it could be anyone beside myself answering the phone.

And i call the office and wanted to know who the office manager name is. Which was Greg and i address him to let him know i did not like my information be know over the phone and i told him that i said i would be in with the payment and he pulled up the account and said there was nothing on the computer that i would be in and said there was a miscommunication, i assume he was replying that i did not call. An i receive a call again from Chris and he ask about the payment an i told him there has been a payment made and he said ok i see one has been made and ask me did i want to come in and get a loan to to pay on the loan i told him no thanks.

But what im saying dont get a loan with tower loan they will charge you too much interest and also bug you to death with call backs and continuing loans.

Ellis Avenue Jackson, Ms 39212

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