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I was scammed by them In January, 2011. I called them and was told the exact same things as the others were told. I was told that the $199.00 is completely refundable should you find the services unsatisfactory. After reviewing the website and contacting a few of the homeowners by letters, I discovered that there is no way to obtain the 5 denial letters required to obtain my refund.

The homeowners have instructions to contact Your American Standards only. When I called to see if any homeowners had contacted them on my behalf, I was told they had not. Now, how can I verify this is true? You can’t because they are going to lie to you. I then re-drafted the letters and told the homeowners to contact me. No one responded. I contacted American Standard and informed them of this, sent the refund request letter and have not heard from them. I placed countless calls to them and they just hung up on me. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and they did not respond to them, either.

I am going on every website I can to expose the scam that this has turned out to be! SCAMS. Please beware!!! This website does not assist at all!! Saw the attractive listing on Craigslist and call right away. The man that answered me assured me that the “rent to own” thing will be great and it’s a “Win Win Situation”. Paid the $199 and logged in. By doing that, you are signing automatically agreeing to the terms (No refunds). Waited 5 days until they will re post any listings in the area that I want. Once you find the desire location, you need to call customer service which they the end…AMERICAN STANDARD asking you to write a letter addressing the homeowner soliciting to use them as “THE COMPANY THAT CAN AVOID ANY FORECLOSURE ON THE HOUSE”. I am trying to get enough people together that were SCAMMED BY AMERICAN STANDARDS to initiate a class action lawsuit. I drove by a few listings and out of 5 people I contacted 3 said they didn’t know what was talking about as HIS HOUSE WAS NOT IN ANY DANGER WHATSOEVER – THAT IS HOW THEY DEFRAUD YOU and that would be the basis of a class action lawsuit – FALSE AND MISLEADING ADVERTISING.

If you use Craig List look under HOUSING WANTED – when you see something that is too true to be real – FLAG THE AD – Best way to Identify American Standards is by the ads PHONE NUMBER: (887)395-1296 ….BEWARE –OTHER LOOK-A-LIKE SITES ARE CROPPING UP ALL OVER! DO NOT PAY ANYTHING IN ADVANCE – JUST LOOK AT THE AD IF IT IS A RENT TO OWN – FLAG THEM – If you have been scammed and are interested in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT CONTACT ME.

Also file a COMPLAINT with the Business Bureau – THEY DO CONTACT THE COMPANY! http://www.santabarbara.bbb.org/ComplaintInformation.aspx

My mission is TRULY TO HELP OTHERS FROM GETTING SCAMMED by American Standards Online and to get justice for “ALL OF US” who still believed that a company would treat you honestly! IF I GET ENOUGH PEOPLE TO FILE A LAWSUIT THEN “WE” CAN GET OUR MONEY BACK AND COMPENSATION. AMERICAN STANDARDS WILL HOWEVER – GET PUT OUT OF BUSINESS, POSSIBLE JAIL TIME FOR THE OWNER (Internet Fraud and more sanctions) BUT “WE” NEED TO BAND TOGETHER AS ONE TO END THIS PRACTICE ! I wish all of who are in the same position as I, the best of luck and hope.

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I’m in for a class action lawsuit I’ve sent 25 letters and not one response total scam

1LES could you please contact me, I would like to start a class action suit against them as well. Thanks. My email is kayla.west09@gmail.com.

I got scammed as well. Did you get your money back? They have my debit card information.

I got sc

I’ll pitch in on it lost my 199 dec 2012 an nothing since I’ve been trying to get a refund

I am with you as well. I am a single mom of 4 and was in a rush to move out of the city. Because of my bad credit and lack of money to put a down payment I thought this was a great idea. I was paying 800 a month renting a home at the time. I paid the 199 in March of 2012 and have not been able to get my my money back. That money could have went towards food or clothes for my children.

I am with you as well. Lets get the class action lawsuit going ASAP. I was taken for the199 like everybody else.


Did you get your money back? They have my debit card information


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