The Precision Cooktop by Hearthware is the worst buying expierence I have ever had - NuWave Oven

This company Precision Cooktop by Hearthware has failed to complete their end of the bargain. I ordered, as you probably did, the 2 cook tops ,with frying pans, fondu set, plus the bonus offer of two for the price of one. All for $99.00 plus S&H. Also rush delivery 3 to 6 days. Well it took about three weeks. When I opened the box there was 1 cooktop and two frying pans.

And now here’s the kicker S&H $ 59.95 . Everything else was back ordered. They (the company) is unreachable. I have tried all phone numbers, websites, e-mails, the contact us site, Sent online chat-they did not respond. I checked my bank account and they have deducted another $ 53.00. I shipped the order back to them – it only cost $ 14.81 with a 4 day delivery.

I tried their e-mail ********MSN&HOTMAIL responded that there was no such address. I recommend you do your own research, if you don’t believe my ordeal. I’m going to my bank tomorrow and have them fight it out and get my money back.

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apparently after all the complaints submitted the bbb or the state’s attorney generals office see nothing wrong about asking this company to stop the disception. SO WHAT’S THE USE.

I’m just another customer who was cheated of the Bonus package when I ordered the two-for one NuWave PIC package. I paid by credit card so I’m going to try and cancel my payment. I have a feeling they will just tell me to send back the product and I’lll be out $159.00 plus the cost of shipping it back. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER!!!!!!!

Add one more dummy to the list. Only I’m going to my credit card company to cancel any further payments and possibly get a refund on current charges made along with reporting them to the BBB. I got the two glorified hot plates but not two sets of pans and 31/2 qt. pot with lid. They charge you $29.00 plus shipping TWICE and then put both stove tops in ONE box. The other $29 bucks must go into their pocket. They’re probably ripping off the company that was supposed to supply the pots and pans too!! Next info-mercial I see… Read more »


i ordered this so called bo go set which is a lie. good thing i looked up the complaints, so i called up my credit card company and had it cancelled or stop payment thank god i was still able to do this.

I ordered Precision Induction Cooktop through the TV advertisement to get 2 for the price of one. We received 1, delivered later than they had said it would arrive. We never received the second one and when I finally got through to talk to a real person, they said we only ordered one. What a ripoff! Never again will I order anything from a TV advertisement.

I can not believe in America such thing can happen. A company can take money out of your bank account and not send your products I would never order from this company again. We should all get together and get a lawyer to bust them and make them pay our money back

I was ordering 1 pic w/ carry case and the cookware. When I got to the confirm or change I hit the confirm key instead of change key. I tried to call and cancel this purchase, no answer. Tried email , no response. I don’t want to pay $79 + for shipping on that cookware,what a ripoff!!!!!!!!!! Why do they not want to speak to us? This is every bit of a scam!

Thank you to all who posted comments and bad reviews, I’m sure you saved me time, money and hassle! After watching the infomercial 3 times, I was more than ready to order. Not now!! I do highly recommend that everyone report their complaints to the BBB and your local Attorney General to stop the "bait and switch" tactics of this company. Thanks again!

Never by anything off tv. The tv stations do not check anyone out, they just want the revenue. I,m calling the attorney general and the BBB this co sucks. But thats the way of the world these days. Steal everything you can. Nu Wave you SUCK SUCK SUCK>

I too got the bogo scam .Only recieved one set.The very first call someone did answer but blamed it on FED EX,she started a claim/search with fed ex.Over the next few weeks fed ex did do their search extremely well and finally determined as I knew they would, that obviously NuWave did not ship it ,as was the case with so many of you out there.Since that first phone like the rest of you I left my phone no. at ALL the options and guess what…..NOOOOOO return call. I got this web site by watching the BS infomericial again (and… Read more »
The Nuwave buying is a scam…I ordered the buy one get one…with the additional pics…I went over my order with the customer service person about 3 times..making sure I was going to be getting what they were charging me for…WHAT A SCAM…. When I did call the CS number I kept getting a recording…please leave a message and we will call you back…what a lie…so on one of my many calls…after it said leave a message…it gave a telephone I called back when it said if you know your parties ext..please enter it now…well, the girl at the end… Read more »

I am simply adding fuel to this fire,my experience is less severe than others but equally frustrating . I did not go for the pan deal, irealized how outlandish shipping and etc was so i simply opted for the second pic. The products are really great but boy the unreachable situation does not bode well. So, what are we to do? Whataction do we take? I called the number from the T V commercial and was told "we are only the ordering center and cannot help you."


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