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I ordered 2 tops from this online website over a month ago paid up front thought pay pal and I am yet to receive anything.

I am a student and am supporting myself and save money by shopping online, yet I never expected to be scammed I am very frustrated and disappointed in this company as they are ripping of innocent costumers by not sending us what they have paid for!

If I am yet to receive my order in the next week or hear back with a good reason as to why I have no received what I have paid for I will make sure everyone I know, knows not to use this online shopping website as it is a scan who are only interested in ripping you off!

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i’am woudering were my order is how do i find out

i would like to know how to find out about my order

I’ve shopped from Sammy dress & it took over a month for my order to come in.

I have the same problem ordered from this place over two months ago and they took my money and no product so far !!!!

Awaiting an order sent last month and monies taken 1.10.12 in the sum of £28.63 so will let you know if I actually get my goods.


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