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Well i came back to crete carrier four weeks ago. I have been broken down nine days to start with. They finally gave me different truck and it was in the shop.

I finally was able to get going with that truck two hours up the road the ac goes out. One more day in the Shop. And it still come and goes. Then they let you set around for hours waiting on loads like forty hours in one week with no pay.

Then cry about idle time. You have to run the truck to charge the batteries. So the electric apu will run. Then it all very short loads bottom line you will get around eighteen hundred mile a week. After they told you that they average 2600 per week to get you to come to work for them.

They lie just like the rest. But there are no short cuts at crete carrier. So if you like to wait a lot and dont need to make more then a few hundred a week it ok

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I got 1500. – 1800 in November and truck was in shop for 5 day dad to say but I might go back to Werner at least I got a paycheck weekly. .. November and December I had to use my savings to get buy. ……..

Everything you said is true. But wow. If you are getting 1800 miles a week you are doing better than a lot of others. Crete wants to be more like other trucking companies and now they are. Much worse than before.


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