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So sears is not going to fix my cloth dryed the said i was working it with a generator i do not own a generator never have when the man cam to my house my machine was working.

I made a liar out of me i don’t know what they are talking about i am 74 years old i have been with sears for over 30 years i have never had a problem with sears i really think the store is going down i know why their is nobody in the store because they treat their old customers like crap…………………

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All I need is a copy of my protection plans. Phoning it in does not work and complaining does not work. Why can’t I get a copy of my protection plans?

I have repeadily asked for a copy of my protection agreements. I have repeatedly given my emaiil address to no avail. Why can’t Sears simply put the agreements in the mail since their computer has a problem with my email address?

even if you get a copy it will not help as sears does not stand by their agreements. Clearly the agreement says that service will be provided to prevent loss or damage and if sears can not provide it an outside vendor ‘s work will be paid for by sears. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!


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