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On November 14 2012 I needed help with my phone. I went to the Verizon Wireless store located in the mall off of I-92 around 11:00 AM. there i spoke with a gentleman by the name of Joe.
In the process of fixing my phone, which he did. He informed me I had no insurance on the phone. I informed him I did have and have had insurance on the phone. He again checked his records and stated i must be confused as his records stated there was no insurance on the phone. I than informed him the payment for the insurance was automatically sent to our credit card. At this point my wife left to obtain a credit card statement showing we had insurance.

He again informed me i did not know what i was talking about and must be confused as he again stated he had no proof of any such insurance. he also stated i was trying to pick a fight. At this point i informed his i did not like what he was implying and did not like his tone. Joe also stated his company would not do insurance that way. after Joe found out we did have insurance he informed me it was on a phone I no longer had.

Bottom line he did find i had insurance on the phone. my wife returned and brought in a copy of our credit card statement showing an automatic payment.

Joe repeated numerous times i was confused and did not know what i was talking about.He gave us a paper and put the phone number in it so we could call and check with the company when we returned home. I did and was informed we did have the insurance and it was on the current phone Ii had…

Because of his rudeness and stating numerous times I was confused and did not know what I was talking about i now want to be released from my contract so I will be able to go with another company and not be penalized for early termination.

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