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Address: 6055 cockrum st Olivebranch, Mississippi 38654

I am a dedicated customer to one of your stores in olivebranch,ms. I will never go back there nor will my family nor friends. The reason is because one of your employees there is extremely rude and lazy. I”m sure this will not have any effect on her as i can see you do not value your customers by hiring some one like that.

I went in to get gas and i asked for the wrong kind so i went back in to let her know i needed a different kind and she gave me all kinds of attitude and called my a honky b**** so i called her name back. she called the police on me and would not give me my gas nor money back until the police showed up.

All i want is to be treated kindly but your employee is very rude and racist each and every time i have gone in there. I have plenty of family and friends who say the same. I do not appreciate being treated with dis respect. im sure nothing will come from this so there for i will never buy any thing from one of your stores again.


Thank you,Stephanie

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