Ripped like a Maddoff - NuWave Oven

Ordered the PIC – received one cooktop but no pans . After 2 months of complaints with no responses received the 2nd cooktop with 3 fry pans and a fondue set I did not order.
The fondue set was billed to my account for $89.90 shipping costs.

Almost 3 months now and no pots or pans on original $139 order and having to dispute $90 on credit card for order I did not want and now the company doesn’t even take calls. If there is a class action suit going on I want in. BY THE WAY – I have purchased 2 pots (very expensive) at local kitchen supply store and I do love the induction cooktop.

I think the company got overwhelmed with orders they could not fill and shut down the phones so we wouldn’t yell at those nice girls who are not at fault. Still they need to handle this in a better way. COMMUNICATE more than a backorder letter.

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