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I received my order from Sammy Dress and the items were not as described and cheaply made or damaged. The order was also missing two items so I asked for a refund. They shipped the two missing items which I never received.

They gave me the tracking number for the package and I contacted USPS to acquire more information. USPS stated that the package was returned to the sender. I was provided proof for the return as well as the website where all of this information could be seen online. I gave all this information to the company and they will not give me a refund.

Instead they keep asking me the same questions over and over again and are avoiding giving me a refund. This is a scam!!! Its a waste of money and time. I reported the company to econsumer.gov and you should do the same if you’ve been scammed by this company as well.

Action needs to be done to get this company offline!!!

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I totally feel your pain it happened to me. What I can not understand why do they allow these people to stay in business! I had to do research outside the area and found a great place in the united states with same items and cheaper prices. http://www.gigisclothingstore.com.

I also filed a law suit against sammy dress in 2013


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