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I ordered three prints to be done on Canvas. Two were the same day (May 7th) and the last on May 10th. They advertise to allow for 10-14 days to deliver. I began contacting them to find the status of my orders around May 17th with no answer. They are great at electronically acknowledging the inquiry, but they never contact you back with a response or status.

I finally was able to speak to a Customer Service Rep on June 7th and found they had the photos in the wrong folder and couldn’t process. No one ever called and tried to resolve this rather than just ignoring it. The Rep said she had fixed the issue and would send to production. On June 12th they were shipped with a USPS tracking # provided. I check the tracking daily and find that although it reached the USPS sort center on June 13th is has not moved since. I trust that it will come before I pass on to the hereafter.

The other and oldest orders have not been produced and no one since June7th responds to my emails, or voice messages. I even write the owner and he ignored me.

Since I purchased these orders from Half Off Depot, I wrote to them for assistance, but guess what–they won’t respond either, but I did get a beautiful acknowledgment of my complaint.

I would recommend staying away from this company and finding one where they value their customers and find it necessary to resolve problems quickly.

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My order is over 3 months late and nobody picks up their customer service phone number. _PixWrap, thanks for nothin’!

Its crazy to see these comments because I ordered 3 canvas’s months ago and havent recieved my third one either… I have wrote several complaints and no one will respond to me. i have no idea where my third canvas is or if i will ever get it.. how do you contact them? any help would be MUCH appreciated!!

I bought four vouchers from Yollar to be used on pixwraps. I have tried for over a week to complete my order, and I cannot. I have sent at least 20 requests to pixwraps to open a trouble ticket but no one from pixwraps will contact me. Please pardon my frustration here, but I have contacted their r help department stating I need help with my order, but no one contacts me. I get the automatic reply, but after that no one contacts me. I am now desperate and trying to send emails to whomever I can find at pixwraps… Read more »
Same experience with the other commenters. No customer service, no communication. They repeat the same story if there is an issue with your order "the system is down right now, cant look up your order" when this was said to me at 3 different calls, difference reps, at different days, I finally said that’s what you guys been telling me, is that the story? Then the last rep realized she couldnt use that same excuse, she got Andrew on the line, who was not apologetic at all, I told him I understand if things are backed up but communication would… Read more »

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