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My daughter had 3 friends visiting: 2 from Pittsburgh 1 from Hanover. All three were coming to NY. The two traveling from Pittsburgh were given the WRONG address to meet the bus and, accordingly, missed it TWICE.

They were able to meet the 3rd bus out only after their parents got involved tracking it down. Our major complaint occurred when they were leaving NY bound for Pittsburgh. Yes, we were cutting the time close. Instead of 20 minutes early, we arrived 10 minutes early. They were told by one of Megabus employees that they had to “go to the end of the line and wait” and were instructed to go to the end of the street.

After waiting in the WRONG line; they noticed a bus pulling away; and the line they were told to go to was for Philadelphia – NOT – Pittsburgh. Either your employee could not read (Philadelphia does NOT look like Pittsburgh); could not understand what they were asking (where do we catch the Pittsburgh bus); or just intentionally misdirected the girls.

I ended up driving all 3 girls home to Pittsburgh (2 tanks of gas both ways + tolls) and 3 bus tickets were charged and not used. I believe that MegaBus intentionally misdirects people hoping that they miss the bus and they get to keep the money.

In the future – GREYHOUND ONLY!

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