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Basically i have joined “service magic” now homeadvisor 7-25-12, After speaking to sales person on how they can help my business by “weeding out costumers that really want work done. I should have left the next month after receiving threats to got to credit collections for leads {they had 100.00 card as agreed to when signing up but didnt process that amount tried for more}

After at least 4 emails to costumer service and a lot of calls to the person who signed me up, i finally got help from a “manager” he had gone thru my account and fix most of it but i still had to pay for some so called LEADs. He had also corrected the “service area” so i would not get and pay for leads over 45 mins in travel time away.

Then just recently i started getting leads from the same town that my self and the manager had removed from my service area. I contacted the online help people and basically they said i had to pay for leads, When i ask how or who had changed my area i didnt get a answer, Then the online support changed back the areas after further complaining and gave me credit. A day or so later i received email saying the Service fee credit for both where denied.

There is a record of my conversation and areas i had chosen with manager but info cant be found.

You will always here them say call if you have problems but as i was told after consent complying that will not happen Sales person only sells and customer service gets too busy I have also got old member or other construction companies putting in request because they them self know i will be charged.  Homeadvisor will say anything to say they are giving you good lead but believe me they are not.

Final got one costumer service person to admit they dont screen leads THEY JUST FORWARD THEM {and will you for them” AS Soon as they enter them online, with in a few minutes

All my setting that i had set LEAD LIMIT AMOUNTS also are changed.
This company gets paid no matter what leads they give

I have looked at only 2 LEADS one which was a busy contractor…how did work him self
and the 2nd i gave bid and nothing


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