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I ordered a nuwave pic off their website a. after watching their infomercial on t.v. The informercial states that you get a free cookbook AND a set of cookware to use with it for $29.95 shipping and 3 payments of $33.33. What I actually received was a hotplate & a cookbook. I emailed customer service and Sandra responded. She stated that I did not order the 2nd free gift. The 2nd free gift was another hotplate & cookware set for shipping & handling. After several emails I said I was sending my hotplate back if I didn’t get the rest of the order. She sent me a RA# & said they were sorry.

I believe that they INTENTUALLY mislead you to believe you get more than what they actually offer. Who would pay $30 shipping & $99.99 for a hotplate otherwise? Shame on Nuwave!

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Hello world ! How stupid are we to think that by adding a second unit to the order that there is an additional charge. I suppose I am to believe that when you order a second one on their deal that that puts these people out of the way and have to climb a mountain to get the second unit in order to get one to you, DAH ! I am supposed to believe that these units are packed up one at a time and it is a chore to get two of them together to be able to ship… Read more »
I ordered nuwave by one get one free just pay shipping at 6:30 am eastern time. At 7 am my husband said are you crazy? So i tried to call customer service because the # you call to order can’t cancel order. Customer service DIDN’T OPEN TIL 9 AM and she was nice and cancelled it.. 1 minute later phone call from nuwave saying I can not cancel it was shipped at 7 am. BS!!!!! I asked to speak with supervisor and told her i will call my credit card to stop payment. I called credit card fraud and dispute… Read more »
I ordered my PIC plus extras. Followed everything on the screens and made sure I was going to get what was promised. I left off the Cookware though because at first I thought "I have my own cookware and 69.95 is awfully expensive". Afterward I Googled Induction cooking and cookware and noticed that the prices of similar sets could be around 200.00. I called them and they added the cookware for just the S & H (instead of trying to charge me the full price. I received everything within a week and it works really well. I have their NuWave… Read more »

I ordered the Precision Cooktop. I was never told that the "FREE" cookware, required an additional S&H charge. I paid nearly $70.00 to ship 16lbs from Illinois to Texas?, the weight of the two cooktops, ( glorified hot plates). I called customer service, was told that it would be an additional $69.95 S&H charge per bonus cookware package? Outrageous! I will never do business with this company again. I’ll trash Nuwave every chance I get.

I had the exact same situation. There are so many posts saying the exact same thing. If they think I’m sending them another dime, they are crazy. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you!!!! These people are real scam artists. I did file a complaint with BBB of Illinois. I hope others do the same. Here is the site:

i ordered my pic aug 3rd 2012 and finally received both pics,plus grill 3 weeks later.and that was fine,but when do all the bonus’s come in?have e-mailed them 3 times…no answers!!!!!……thinking about stopping pymts until i get all what i ordered…pain in the rear with no one who can answer questions.

I get suspicious when a informercial starts saying "Wait…if you call right now, we will take off one payment and give you an extra one in the process, plus this and that…."


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