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The Nutribullet is just a glorified blender. When I tried calling customer service to get a return authorization number just kept getting a busy signal.

Sent an email through their website and no reply. No bueno!

I’m going to try and call my credit card customer service to dispute charges.

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Here’s the thing, it is comparable to some blenders tripling its price range. Just last week I saw an ad on the front page of a bed bath and beyond paper for three blenders, one was a nutribullet and the other two were a blendtec and vitamix (vitamax?). I couldn’t believe the price difference! Try and find a blender as powerful as the nutribullet for $99 bucks. I have had my nutribullet for a month now and I have no complaints, it does what it says it is supposed to do. Just try for yourself, put some whole flaxseeds in… Read more »
I’ve seen the Nutribullet commercials all over the place lately. Seems to be the new hot item! I can’t comment on it, but i can tell you it’s similar to a Magicbullet i had that wore out because the gears are plastic. Don’t know about the NB. I broke down and bought a Blendtec at Costco (yea, a lot more $) but it’s truely amazing. Unlike a NB, you can add ice and it pulverizes it all, including the ice. The NB won’t crush ice, and there’s no room for it anyway. I make amazing smoothies, with ice, pineapple core,… Read more »

I enjoyed the NutriBullet for about 6 months until the bearings froze up. I called customer service for a replacement, under warrantee, but after 3 months I have not received the replacement.

Just opened the newly delivered Nutribullet…….bought $75 worth of organic veggies and fruits….all assortments. My husband has terminal cancer and just got him convenienced to drink these nutriments. Tonight it was to be his meal. Now I’m so……..mad can’t even get this new machine to work. Great box, literature etc…………… excited …just to be let down. I will call customer service tomorrow and they better overnight me one that works…………..OR MY FOOD WILL GO BAD………………MY HUSBAND REALLY NEEDED THIS.

I would like to tell you that I know of a surety that there is a cure to cancer that is through nutrition. Please either youtube or netflix the video called “The Gerson Miracle”. This will give you a basic understanding of how Charlotte Gerson is curing people from all over the world of all manner of cancers, diseases and ailments. Once you’ve done this you can youtube Charlotte Gerson to find more or buy the book “Healing The Gerson Way”.

You have not explained why you can not get it to work. I am a senior and have used it for 2 years now. Please explain.

Obviously nothing but a scam. Just like "Reboot with Joe". Just eat sensibly, exercise and as long as you burn more calories than you take in you will lose weight. Blending or juicing your food is as useless as saying an incantation over it as far as weight loss or health is concerned.

I really love my nutribullet. I do feel a difference in my energy level. I am hypothyroid so have struggled for years with my energy level. When I go for a few days without drinking my nutriblasts, I can really tell a difference. I would like to see better results as far as weight loss but I’m still working on that. As far as customer service, from the people I have talked to who have tried to contact customer service, it is virtually nonexistant. I knew that when I bought the product. It’s a shame but I believe the product… Read more »
Well, I have a blender and my mom has the nutribullet. While I can blend for a long time and get the consistency fairly smooth, it is nothing compared to my mom’s drinks. She puts all kinds of vegetables into a drink and it’s not thick or gritty AT ALL. It’s portable and easy to clean. I am waiting for my nutribullet to arrive as I type! I also just saw an experiment on youtube where two women compared side by side the vitamix and nutribullet and the nutribullet was comparable and a lot cheaper. I am not endorsing Nutribullet… Read more »
Have you looked at the front of the base ? It says Magic bullet! Its nothing but a scam. tilt it at a 45 degree angle and you will see the words Magic Bullet in Silver ! Its a bunch of bull crap. Its the MAgic bullet base with a cup thats it ! I didnt buy it , but a relative gave me 1 and its nothing more than a Glorified blender! I can do much more with my Vitamix ! Oh the woman who says its worked wonders for your MS , quit lying your the same exact… Read more »

Actually this is a very, very good product. I have MS and it’s done wonders.

HOWEVER, the customer support is absolutely horrible!!!!!! I will recommend that you just buy a Ninja or a MagicBullet.

Mixes well, but they don’t stand behind their warranty, cheap bearings in the blade assembly, they have redesigned the blender blade system. But I had to buy another system to get a replacement. Out extra $100. Suggestion, don’t soak the whole blade assemble or it will rust! Better yet, probably don’t buy in first place, like I did! They saw me coming!

sob thieves

When food is broken down too fine, isn’t that a reduction in fiber, a benefit destroyed by this product?

It reduces roughage, not fiber. The two are totally different things. Common misconception.

No. The only way to reduce fiber is to remove fiber.

I actually like my nutribullet but I have never had such horrible customer service for the last 4 days I have been trying to ask a simple question "where is the serial number ?" so far every time I call they put me in line for a call back twice they actually did call back and the minute I answer they hang up i’ve sent 3 customer service on-line request which they have acknowledged but not answered my question I’m feeling that there is something or some reason they do not want there product registered

SCAM, SCAM, SCAM! This product is just marketed to make you believe it’s so much better than a blender. You drink the entire contents from a blender anyway DUH! You don’t strain it like they do in the commercial! Your stomach naturally digests everything you eat or drink so it doesn’t matter if it’s pure liquid or chunky. And I believe all blenders do a good job if you put them on high speed and not LOW speed like in the commercial. Come on people just use your brain and don’t fall for this crap!

Your missing the point. Unfortunately not all digestive systems are created equal. Some people’s systems do not allow them absorb the nutrients of what they are eating. This product does blend much better than any other blender I have tried, allowing my daughter to receive the nutrition she needs, now that her colon has been surgically removed.

I’ll tell you what is a scam, something like those "Shake and vibrate" weights that claim to make you a fitness powerhouse, or the rocket ab maker, now those are completely and utterly fraudulent. Just look up the dictionary definition of scam. I have had my nutribullet for a month now and I have no complaints, it does what it says it is supposed to do. To call it a "SCAM SCAM SCAM" is not just not true. I agree with you that your body will digest MOST foods whether it’s finely blended or not (hey we’re alive now aren’t… Read more »

Finally !! A sensible Post! Yes, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM !! Thumbs up Andy!

Well, Andy you are wrong for many reasons. Oh, and no I don’t work for them. Actually wrote my own bad review on this site if you want to look. I can say several things. First, I actually bought both the Ninja and the Nutribullet. I have put exactly the same ingredients in both and even let it go longer in the Ninja and on high speed – not low as you claim. The Nutribullet was clearly liquified better and I took pictures to prove it. Second, the stomach doesn’t naturally digest everything. I have a metabolic disease and have… Read more »

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