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The NuWave Precision Cooktop will save you 70% off your energy use cooking. Sure it will. BOTH units won’t take hardly any energy since all you’ll use is the power to turn on the fans, get an LED light & an error code that tells you your unit doesn’t work then a fan that takes a full minute to shut off even if no heat has been used. BOTH units ( I got the BOGO offer) failed to work out of the box. I followed the instructions: I read the entire operating instructions before turning on the unit.

Surprise #1: Remember them putting their hands on the surface in the commercial? Not so fast. There’s a BIG BLACK BOX WARNING right off the bat that reads CAUTION!!! Do NOT touch the surface of the cooking area during operation. The surface can become VERY HOT and may cause burns. Cooktop may retain residual heat after cookware has been removed. So much for the thought of it being safer to cook with a toddler or a cat around. Great. OK, having read the instructions & warnings I put a small pot of water on to see how long it’d take to heat up water to cook noodles. I got an error code: E1. According to the manual that meant the cooking surface wasn’t level. Um my counter-top is quite nice & flat so that couldn’t be the problem. Ok, let’s see if there’s anything on the CD to help.

I watched the CD (I had to figure out which of the dozen videos on the CD were actually instructions vs. ads – they don’t label them. I figured out it should be one of the larger files, & after a wrong one (a repeat of the infomercial) I got some ‘Executive Chef’ from the parent company telling me what to do with my little hotplate. She explained the E1 code also meant the pan wasn’t metallic enough to use. Again, odd. My pots are solid double-layer stainless with a 1/4″ thick solid plate of aluminum bonded to the base. 100% metal. I tried several to no avail, even tried one of those ‘ever-green’ fry-pans (I bought mine at a local store for 16.99 – 30 bucks less than the infomercial would cost me for S&H). Nope. Despite all efforts to alter what could be causing the error code it was clear this unit was broken.

I took the 2nd unit out & plugged it in. It failed to work as well. E1 error code. BOTH units broken on arrival. Customer service hours are very limited – M-F 7:30 – 4:30 CST. I you call towards the end of the day & are waiting in queue, good luck. My call disconnected @4:30 Friday pm after I’d waited patiently 25 min. Now I have to wait til Monday to get a customer service agent & an RMA code to return the units. I intend to challenge any/all fees on these units. I am NOT going to pay them a dime for anything – broken units, lied about the no-heat factor, etc.

As far as all those extras – like the griddles & pots ‘n pans shown as if they come with the unit I quickly found out they were NOT included with the original 99.00 fee. NOTHING shown is included – unless you fork out a fortune more in S&H than the items are worth, (the steamer pots,etc. are easily available at any store for ~ 20 bucks). Their ‘heavy duty’ griddle was just at Aldis for 9.99. The frying pans are also available pretty much everywhere for 19.95 or less. A further caution: It seems there are so many complaints against this company several states attorneys-general have gone after them due the high number of victims.

I made the classic mistake of buying right after the infomercial & not doing my homework about customer complaints before calling. My advice?


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I have the same issue and got no response

JUST got mines 1 hr ago delivered by UPS of course …. The NEW WAVE Oven pro i bought for about $100 it comes with full quick start instructions ……… had bought thin sliced sirloin steaks for staek sandwhices few days ago put in fridge only …….cooked all 6 pices at once in 3 minutes without turning them over and NO SHRINKAGE !!! WOW amazing added cheese lower temp to 150 which is fine and dosent cook the steaks anyfurther. made two small sandwhices 6 ” rolls BUT the rolls were to small LOL. When i bought them i… Read more »

I bought one years ago. Love the fact that the cover causes third degree burns and creates a stinky plasticky smell. I pitched the damned thing. I can take frozen chicken out of the freezer, pop it in the microwave for a short time or soak in warm water for 15 minutes, slice some zucchini, saute in frying pan and whammo blammo…better result.

Yea if you read the instructions not all pans work. you need high quality Stainless steel pans or cast iron. No problem, I read what it said before I ordered it,then checked all my pans when the order arrived, and no problems for 2+ years. It amazes me how many people cannot or will not read the entire manual.

Same with me. They’ve been great. I use cast iron. Awesome.

Have had one for a year now and works just fine!!!

I just got my NuWave Cook Top, tried it out using the pans that I added to the order just to be sure it would work, and does it WORK, It’s Great!! boils water in just 90 seconds !! has excellent temperature control with virtually instant heating. Press the "PAUSE" and it stops boiling, press "START" and it’s boiling again in just 2 seconds. Set to simmer and it never burns. Then I checked our our standard cookware set and was surprised to see that my old cookware was also "INDUCTION COMPATIBLE" printed right there on the bottom of the… Read more »

My daughter gave us one for Christmas. After seeing the information posted here, I can’t recommend this to any one. How many cookware sets out there, including those in just about every kitchen in America, are metallic enough for this to function properly? 5%? Take it to a camp ground, use your old cast iron cookware or dutch ovens, otherwise this item is useless.

I bought 4, one totally busted after a few weeks use. using their pot, started getting E1 code. unplugged for a short time, reset and worked again a few times. now with their pot, steady E1 code, busted, no response from email or the hot line… 3 left….wonder how long those will last. Sent one to my brother across the country….still works….would be a good gadget if only it were reliable and worked without random failures…..

The book, the website and the packaging explains which cookware to use on it…cast iron (SERIOUSLY HEALTHY) is awesome on the cooktop and adds iron to your family’s diet…read the instructions…they are EVERYWHERE! However, there are several pans that are just fine on this product. Get rid of the garbage cookware and you’ll be fine.

We have had a large General Electric induction 4 burner cooktop in our vacation home since 1987. We were among the first, and it cost a lot. We love it, and induction cooking is amazing. Never had a problem with the unit. What I see here is a lot of folks who really don’t understand induction cooking. I will not discuss the merits of this company or the TV offer I just watched. I was thinking about getting one of these portable units for travel/camping. FIRST, the pan MUST be magnetic. If a magnet does not stick, THE PAN WILL… Read more »
If you are going to buy an induction cook top you should at least understand how the induction coils cause the pan to heat. You should also understand that a hot pan sitting on anything will transfer heat to what it is touching…both inside and outside the pan…after all that is how cooking is done. Heat is transferred from an element to the pan and then to the food. Seriously how can you complain about those two things, non-magnetic pan doesn’t work and surface heats from the hot pan sitting on it. You should have one of those "head-palm" V-8… Read more »
Received my PIC cook tops and did the 2nd set as well and gave the additional one to my daughter for christmas . I noticed when I first started using mine it was getting very hot so I called the Customer service dept and they told me it was defective and would send a label out so I could return it …nothing ever came . So I called back a second time and it showed that I called however nothing was done about sending label and I was assured label was going to be sent this time . Well in… Read more »

The error code comes on if you use a non compatible pan. use a proper pan and it will disappear automatically. the surface gets hot from the heated pan not from the power of the device. I bought two of these they were as described and worked perfectly.

So glad I read this before purchasing the PIC. I also went to a web site called "". Lots and lots of complaints about the PIC and the terrible customer service. Thank you for posting your experience with them.

Info says mattalic most people think right away metal any metal. NOT so in the process of making metal takes a mixture of many different metals for the end result. That being said not all stainless steel will be magnetic the aluminum coating has nothing to do with it not being magnetic. As others have said if a magnet sticks to it then it should work. Cast iron would be a never fail pot, pan etc.
Good luck people and always do your book work

The infomercial doesn’t mention it clearly, but only magnetic cookware works with induction cook-tops. Examples are cast iron and certain types of stainless steel – however not all stainless steel will work, it has to be magnetic – basically a rule of thumb is that if a magnet will stick to a piece of cookware, then it will work on an induction cooktop.

It says METALLIC, not magnetic. Duh.

#1. Aluminum IS NOT MAGNETIC !!! DUH…..

It’s not aluminum – he said he used stainless steel coated with aluminum – though I’m guessing it wasn’t magnetic enough.




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