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Starting in May 2012, my wife and I lost phone service for 7 days. We could not call out or each other. Both our mothers are 90 and 85 and both were ill – we could not get in touch with anyone to see how they were. My mother at 90 was put in the hospital and all I got was a voicemail with no call showing and I could not return the call.

This loss of service has happened every month for a few days at a time. I lost business as well because people could not call me. As they began to work we had to dial at least 6 times just to make one call. All c-spire would agree to do was warranty the phones – in other words give us the same phone (probably a rebuilt one). They finally agreed to let me swap my phone to see if the phones were the problem.

The phone they swapped to was the LG Ignite and was worse. The customer service people were ignorant and useless, the tech support was a joke. I was told “we’ll call you back” – maybe 2 weeks later. This company is a joke.

All I want is my termination fees so I can get with a provider that actually does have good service.

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