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…or take your automobile for service at Sears Pasadena

Never purchase a Die Hard battery from Sears. They are worthless junk. I purchased 2 Gold Die Hard batteries. One died in about 1.5 years. These have a 3 year free replacement warranty, that is why I purchased them and they used to be a good battery. I don’t know what changed in their manufacturing process, but they are crap.

We took the battery back to the Pasadena, Ca Sears location, and they charged it, and did a load test on it, with a small hand held meter, and in 2 minutes said the battery is fine. Really? A load test on a battery cannot be done in 2 minutes and by a hand held meter. It would get extremely hot if it was a true load test.

Anyway, they refused to give us a new battery. One month later, it completely died, and AAA tested the car alternator and electrical system and diagnosed it as a bad battery. We purchased a battery from AAA. The 2nd battery was less than a month old, and was dead. The alternator charged fine. I put an ampmeter on between the battery and one of the cables, and it never went above 30-40mA. So there was nothing drawing too much current from the battery.

Next day, the battery was dead again. AAA checked this auto also, and determined that it was the battery. Took this to Sears Pasadena, and the same thing. charged battery, tested fine with their small hand held meter.

Buyer beware!! Sears will do anything not to have to give you a replacement battery.

I will never purchase anything from the sears auto department again, and your should not either. I will post this as many places as possible to keep people from wasting their money on Sears Die Hard crap.

Sears (Pasadena Location)
3801 E Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, Ca 91107-2225

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So i found out the Hard way 4 months the battery testes good but dies in 2 days.
i did an exchange hopefully I’ll have better luck.


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