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We have been a Direct tv customer for many years and have been enjoying HDTV. We turned our TV only to find all stations, except the locat ones, in small screen format like we had with analog. I made some calls only to find out we do not have HDTV because we haven’t subscribed to it!

Our Direct TV bill is over $71.00/mo and having received no other information, thought we were getting it with our package. The associate I spoke with said if we want this we will have to pay another $10/MO. We are outraged at this. We were never told of an extra fee and have been viewing it without interruption for many months.

We are non-plussed at how a company can turn off a service without warning and then claim we never paid for it when we never knew it would be a separate fee? There is something off here.

Living on Social Security does not leave us with extra to spend on what we thought we were already paying for. Can you help us? Maddie and Ron Thums

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