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Microworkers is a website where you do jobs by “employers” which are people who found the site who hire people to do such things as sign up for various websites, post on your blog or forum, click banners and so on.

The minimum cash out is 9 bucks, I reached that after a month and a half and I still haven’t received payment

So I decided to put the money to use by becoming an employer, After doing this they took the money and promptly sent me a message on the next screen on how I would need to deposit money in order to fulfill the employer status, which I already paid for from the money, It was only 14 dollars but they blatantly kept the money and said now I only have 4 cents in my account.

Microworkers customer service is horrible and I threatened to contact the BBB on them. Hoping they would resolve the issue after Googling them I found out I was not the only one they have ripped off in fact they actually run another website where they do the same exact thing. Its really not right and I hope you guys can help

Microworkers Tech Support is also horrible, and every site regarding them basically said the tech support is a joke and the site is a con please help me.

Microworkers.com / Weblabcenter, Inc.
17311 Dallas Pwky, Ste 100 Dallas, TX 75248 United States
www.microworkers.com | info@microworkers.com

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I am a worker here at microworker and they told me to verify my phone number which I have tried many times and failed because they kept telling me that I have entered the wrong code, then I notice that there was 5cent charge each time I request a new code to verify my number I think that there are a ripoff. I even went as far as to send them a letter through their mailing address explaining the matter to them because they are not replying to my emails that I have sent out more than three times. They… Read more »

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