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My monthly bill for At&T services (services include my small firm, data and mobile services for family) ranges from $750 – $900 a month depending upon data usage. The averages to be an yearly account of $9000.

The cursor pad or ball on my blackberry stopped working so I went to the AT&T store in Chesterfeild Missouri near my office were I purchased the phone and set up my account to have them fix my problem. Their only fix they offered was I had to sign up for another 2 years and had to purchase a new phone at the same rate they give new customers. My accounts, the amount I pay and my longevity meant nothing to them. The next best thing they would do is recommend a little repair shop down the road. I told them if I have to sign a new contract to get a phone that works I will do it with another company. They did not care losing my business and account that is worth $9000 a year.

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