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After finding the NuWave PIC postings on, and seeing a company response to the complaints (see: Jeremy in the posts), I sent the following email to the company address that Jeremy provided. Now, nearly a week later, having had no “order deliveries” or email response, I thought I should make my complaint a part of the public outcry, in hope of resolution.

Jeremy (or whoever will respond from NuWave/Hearthware)

Like so many others who are venting their complaints online, I, too, have yet to receive my full order. As advertised, I received the PIC package (2 ea.) within days of the order. However, the invoice date was 07/23/12 and now (6 weeks later), I’m still waiting on the rest of the offer (pans, etc.).

It was noticeable on the invoice (July 23 ) that, along with the first installment payment for the PIC, shipping & handling for the complete package ($69.90) had already been charged to my credit card. So, I guess someone is making interest off of the S&H money while actual handling & shipping is yet to be accomplished. Now, 6 weeks later, another installment payment for the PIC is about to be taken, if not already, and I have yet to get my full order. Shortly, full payment will have been made and the 90 day money back satisfaction will have expired and, based on your company’s exhibited performance, I likely will still not have received my full order.

Like other complainers, I have called and emailed customer service several times, but have never had a reply. Jeremy’s replies (found on present the only comments I’ve seen from the company. Left without any explanations from a dead end customer service source, Jeremy’s mentioning of “backorder” problems is the first I’ve heard that there was such a problem. — Customer Service appears to be a joke that your company has pulled on unsuspecting buyers.

Question: Does the time required by backorder extend the 90 day money back offer?

I noticed that one customer included in his complaint: “I recorded the infomercial. My credit card company along with the states attorney general and the BBB is getting a copy in order to see how these snakes operate.” Unless I hear something quickly, I will be forced to take similar action.

Sherilyn Crain (invoice says CAROLINE CRANE)
1100 S. Front St
Noble, OK 73068
(405) 872-7906
email address:

Order # 64223A (Invoice Date: 07/23/12)
Customer No. 72469
Reference # 11532100

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I have posted previously on Sept 19, 2012. My husband had contacted the credit card company and he ended up having to pay all the charges. The only thing they said was well you received the order if you don’t like it send it back. You are responsible for all the shipping and handling charges. Please folks read everything you can and between the lines and get a magnifying glass and read the small print. That is was tells the true story. That is stuff they don’t want you to read and the stuff that they can tell the lawyers.… Read more »
Well boys and girls. I have finally cracked the code. It has taken be two weeks with no help from the tech support. I have read around over 100 complaints. And have comments on several bulletin boards. As I said in previous complaints my husband ordered this stuff. Today I ask him did you order online or on the internet. He told me I don’t remember. If you order through the phone line from those auto robots no telling what you will get from any of the companies. As I said in previous emails I have gone online and tried… Read more »

nuwavepic is a real scam get the pic,s and nothing to cook with they tell you that you get it all and only get the nuwaves ,then no customer service to speak of no calll back,s nothing

I ordered my cooktop 9/1/12.Called the number on the screen.agent was very unprofessional & lacking/confusing answers asked.Was told I could order online.I did not feel confident giving my credit card number to this person.I ordered online.2for1 deal+s&h(total-$295.94).redid order form.$129.94as a one time payment.received order 9/11/12.(1) cooktop only-no second cooktop/no bonus cookware& NO customer support.Feel scammed.! FYI,"TIP"-if a magnet will not stick to the bottom of your cookware,they will not work on the cooktop.


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