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I had worked for this company for about 8 months night shift. I was a little younger but so was most of the staff at the time. I had my interview and the man that would soon be my boss seemed to be quite polite and he even proceeded to introduce me to everyone. I was told I would be on the later shift so around 4-8 but sometimes even 5-closing.

I was about 17 at the time. I worked hard I even got compliments on my work by my fellow employees and even at some points my manager. After about a week we had my first rush and I begin to see my managers bad side. I have now worked a few jobs and I know that every job has a manager that gets frustrated and every now-and-again takes his/her anger out on the employees however, this manager was far from every now-and-again. I worked so hard I even spoke to the plenty hispanics in spanish without asking for extra pay at all. I would work so hard and I would try my best every single day to be the best employee. One day I got sick and I had to be hospitalized and my manager angrily replied with “NEXT TIME YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL YOU NEED TO CALL IN”.

Without any consideration or sympathy. When I first started to notice this anger I thought that it was something I was doing and it being my first job in all I wanted to continuously get better and better so my manager wouldn’t be upset with me. Little did I know he was the same way with everyone. Slowly but surely everyone begin to tell me their sides of the story and one girl even told me she had to miss a member of her family’s funeral because he told her that if she didn’t come in that she would be fired. It got so bad one day that a woman came in (someone who came in quite frequently) and she told me that she would make a complaint and that he is a terrible boss even that he should have been fired a long time ago. I got to the point of crying one time, he was asking us if we were stupid in front of costumers and even though we hated coming to work we all desperately needed the job. He had always found ways to make us feel like garbage but most of it was from being humiliated by him.

One man came in and told me to keep my head up and to not let him bring me down. He has been that way for a long time and when I buy pizza I see he hasn’t changed at all. Something should be done about this.

Little Caesar’s
4290 Summer Ave memphis, TN 38122  901-767-4666

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